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F.I.T. Personal Training

Cordaro Fit ®  F.I.T. (Further Intricate Training) offers a variety of options in Personal Fitness Training and Weight Loss. With 3 Personal Trainers on board, your needs will be met and your goals will be attained.

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Benefits of Personal Training

See Results through toning your muscles, Weight Loss and breaking through plateaus. We will guide you through each workout Safely, holding you Accountable for attaining your ultimate fitness goals. You will find yourself with increased Motivation and More Energy to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do.

Do you really need a Personal Trainer?

Finding time to train in today’s demanding world isn’t easy. Making sure you use exercise time effectively is even harder! Many gym members find that staying motivated, working consistently at the right intensity, and monitoring progress to be difficult and time-consuming.
However, working with your own personal trainer–one who focuses on your needs–can alleviate these problems. Cordaro Fit ® F.I.T. trainers will help you to use your time effectively, keep you motivated and monitor your progress, making changes to your program as required. Many people who rely on personal trainers report substantial improvement in health and outlook.
Our Personal Training programs incorporate unique, functional, high impact, plyometric and cardiovascular training techniques that are designed to burn fat.

A healthy heart is the body’s nucleus.

Our programs provide the correct blend of strength and agility exercises to maximize your performance. The benefits will enhance your life by providing you with more energy, strength and speed. We know that a complete fitness program must include aerobic exercise, muscular strength and endurance conditioning and flexibility exercise. This unique blend of exercises offers maximum benefits for people who need to fit workouts into busy schedules.

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