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By Sheila | In Uncategorized | on January 16, 2018


Sheila Cordaro is a truly gifted trainer. But she’s more than that—I don’t know if the term even exists, but I would also call her a body coach. In other words, similar to a life coach that helps you roll out your career and so on, Sheila is helping me understand the physical challenges and possibilities I have, as life goes on and my body traverses both rough patches and smooth ones. That’s coaching, not just training.

Sheila is unusually perceptive and intuitive in knowing what’s going on with me and what I need to focus on. I never get the feeling that she has anything like a set recipe book for her training, because I watch her tailoring every session for me and even, amazingly, changing course within a single session, due to something I said or did or something she observed.

I’ve had a few surprises working with Sheila: She’s helped me discover muscles I never knew I had (e.g. in the middle of my back), which I quickly realized is exactly why I need to work on them. She’s been swift to work with what she is presented with, such as my anticipated surgery, as well as my workout style in which I dovetail exercise with professional work in front of my computer, everyday household chores, and even early morning wake-up stretching.

I appreciate it that Sheila doesn’t fall into the head cheerleader (or drill sergeant) mode, but goes much deeper, and with more subtlety, in her motivational technique. It has been quite amazing how quickly she built my confidence and sense of strength—as in halfway through session #1—and even improved my body image when I didn’t even know I needed that.

She continues to do these things, by inspiring me and affirming me with a deft hand. Never in any way that is unconvincing.

What else can I say, except that Sheila is pleasantly cheerful and easy to work with, and she’s her own best advertisement—in terms of her athletic accomplishments and her obvious fitness. I can recommend her without the slightest hesitation.



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