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By Sheila | In Uncategorized | on July 18, 2016

Working out with Sheila Cordaro has been one of the most important things that I have done for myself in my life.  When I turned 50 I gave myself a present of working out with a trainer for the first time in my life.  Two years later I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in.   And I was not in bad shape to start.  I grew up playing tennis, swimming and working out in gyms.  Still, no comparison to the shape I got in with Sheila’s help.  At 51 I ran my first 5 k, then 10 k and to my total disbelief even to this day, a half marathon.  Up until working out with Sheila I’d never been able to run more than half way around my block.  And moreover, my physical therapist told me I’d never be able to run more than a mile because of my bad knees and lower back.  My PT didn’t know Sheila.

After working out with Sheila for a few years I got very sick with Lyme Disease. I had to stop all exercise for about two years.  But this summer I decided to buy myself a few sessions with Sheila.  So here’s me:  “Sheila, I can’t do this because of my knee and I have a bone spur in my toe so I can’t do burpees and I have a lot of joint pain because of lyme and I can’t do a plank with a bended elbow” and the list goes on.  But Sheila doesn’t blink.  In fact she comes up with these incredibly creative exercises that don’t bother any of the parts I’ve warned her about.  Most trainers have a few tricks up their sleeve.  Like, say 15 variations of a burpee. Not Sheila; she has new tricks every time I see her.  Exercises you can’t even imagine how in the world she came up with them.  (What was she drinking?!) You’ve never seen them in a fitness magazine or any exercise class you or your friends have ever taken.  And it’s so hard you laugh until you almost pee in your pants because of how ridiculously bad it hurts and you wonder how are you going to be able to walk the next day. But you do walk, and in fact you actually feel stronger and your mood is better and you feel like maybe your kid won’t beat you in tennis quite so bad the next time. Because you can run a little faster and hit a little harder.  And you get that desire to go for a run that you haven’t had in two years, in fact not since when you were working out with Sheila regularly.  And you know that it doesn’t matter how much it costs because if it’s the last cent in your wallet it’s worth it.

Sheila will absolutely positively get you in shape. But there is something else that I have to mention that’s pretty cool about Sheila. Maybe you are coordinated so you’ve never noticed but if you’re not, like me, and you feel like you’ll just die if she sees you falling over when trying to simply raise your hands over your head, don’t worry, she always seems to know when to look away.  On top of everything else, Sheila is really nice.

Thank you Sheila.  You are the best.


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